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Top 3 Best LG 4k TVs of 2016

Published June 27, 2016 in Tech - 0 Comments

Owing to the diverse technological advancement over the years, a lot of scrutiny goes into the purchase of any electronic, more so the television. This is because of the various factors to consider before making an order like; the purpose, functionality, quality and most importantly the price.

Buying a TV set is all about having what suits your needs best known to you. Generally, TVs have shaped our livelihoods and now they have become more of a necessity for every home. It is the one thing that never lacks in every home. People have their individual preference when they come to choosing a TV for their home. What suits the other would probably not suit you and vice-versa. Whether it is the visual spec, the beautiful design, flat display or the best HDR technology, not all TVs qualify as candidates for the best LG TV of 2016. “The LG company manufactures what are still considered to be the very best 4K ultra HD TVs in the world in terms of their OLED models, which offer stunning display specs, excellent connectivity and what is arguably the market’s best smart TV platform to date.

However, from the wallet-busting 65-inch beasts to the best 48-inch TV in the market, and depending on customer specification and reviews, one would conclude that a good number of TVs sets qualify to be in the Top 3 Best LG 4k TVs of 2016. This is not entirely true. Below is a list of the Top 3 Best LG 4k TVs of 2016.

lg-led-tv-ultrahd-2014-feature-img-detail_4K Resolution


1 LG 65EF950V

This TV has to be the number one item on the Top 3 Best LG 4k TVs of 2016. It is a television to appreciate in terms of design, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen, sat motion and sound. is the new technological innovation. It has been termed as the future of television. From true-to-life colour reproduction to self-lighting pixels, it produces the most brilliant colours and clearest images and it gets better. Courtesy of its ULTRA HD 4K resolution, it is four times clearer than that of Full HD, resulting in brilliant clarity and vivid details that amaze, even up close.


2. LG 65EC970V

‘The 65EC970V is another ground-breaking moment for TV picture quality.” The size alone is incredible and would probably qualify the Top 3 Best LG 4k TVs of 2016 for most customers. Generously designed for the lovers of home cinema, the 65- inch OLED screen smart TV is picture perfect. People with good taste will tell you of TVs with the ‘perfect black;’ a term not relatively familiar to many. The LG 65EC970V has the best and the most infinite contrast, delivering clear and deep blacks possible. Forgetting to mention its motion clarity and the ultra-slim design is unacceptable. It is simple and intuitive.


3 LG EG9600

A good number of the LG EG9600 models have been manufactured over the years. From elegance to unique designs and modest picture reflection, the LG EG9600 qualifies to be in the Top 3 Best LG 4k TVs of 2016. It is an LG webOS TV designed to be obviously simple and fun to use. Its incredible audio technologies guarantee a completely captivating audio/video experience.