How to Choose a Sex Doll

Buying a love doll isn’t the same as shopping for other adult toys. The level of customization available for dolls is unparalleled when it comes to these products.

From the size of the doll, her weight, breast size, facial expression, and more, you can make her exactly who you fantasize about.

Doll Design and Materials

Sex dolls use precise engineering to replicate a human body, making them some of the most complex adult products out there. Sex doll manufacturers typically use either Thermoplastic Elastomer (aka TPE) or silicone.

Here’s the deal:

Silicone is more resistant to heat and has a tougher quality than TPE, but TPE is softer. It has more of a jiggly feel for the breasts and butts, which silicone dolls don’t provide.

TPE is also more absorbent, so be sure to carefully follow cleaning and sanitization instructions to preserve the material.

While TPE is softer, silicone still feels very lifelike and comes with its own benefits.

For example, you can bring a silicone doll into a hot bath, which doesn’t work with TPE. You’ll also find that silicone is easier to clean and more durable. The material won’t stain as easily as TPE.

This comes at a price however, as silicone usually costs more than TPE. So, you’ll have to decide which features are more important to you when choosing between a silicone or TPE doll.

Weight and Size

The weight and size of your doll is very important. Not only does the doll size impact how much it will cost, but also what you can use the doll for.

Keep in mind that full body sex dolls will weigh much more than torso or partial dolls. The legs and arms add a lot of weight to the final product. Most sex dolls over 5 feet tall will be quite heavy.

If you would find the experience just as pleasurable without arms and legs on your doll, consider whether you need a full-size companion.

Another factor to consider when it comes to the weight and size of your doll is how much you can lift. Is it easy for you to pick up a small woman? If not, a smaller and lighter doll will work better for you.


Storage isn’t something people typically think of with adult products. However, with a sex doll, you’re working with a person-sized item.

Most doll manufacturers suggest hanging the doll if you plan to store it long term. This will help prevent sags or dents in the doll, which can occur with constant pressure.

Do you have the space to accommodate your future sex doll?


This is the most fun part of the sex doll experience; designing your companion exactly as you wish for her to be. Are you attracted to a certain eye color or ethnicity?

Have you always fantasized about hooking up with a woman with a perfect gym bunny body? You can even get a sex doll which looks like an older woman if that’s your thing.

There’s no “one size fits all” design for sex dolls. You can get a doll modeled after a chubby woman, a pregnant lady, and more.

Sex Doll Genie allows for super specific customization options. Some options even allow you to choose between different heads.

The only limit here is your imagination, so don’t be afraid to reach for your ultimate fantasy!

Functionality and Use

How do you want to get intimate with your doll, specifically? While most dolls will provide oral and vaginal sex, you might want more than that. From anal, hand jobs, foot jobs, and more, functionality is worth considering.

You can also get a doll with realistically jiggly breasts. Of course, some features will cost extra.


If you’re looking for a cheap masturbation aid, a sex doll is probably not the right choice for you at this time. Even miniature, base level dolls cost at least several hundred dollars.


Higher quality dolls typically cost at least a thousand, usually more. Simply put, getting a sex doll is quite a commitment, so be sure you want to make an investment.