How to Use a Sex Doll

Once you order your sex doll and it arrives in the mail, what are you supposed to do next?

Unboxing Your Companion

You may want to start using your doll immediately after she arrives, and who can blame you? But you should consider a few things before that:

First, you’ll want to check your doll for any damages. Sex dolls are high-quality items, but delivery damage and mistakes are still possible. Once you use your doll, you can’t return it.

So, this is your one and only chance to do a quality inspection. Once you’re sure that your doll is as it should be, it’s best to clean it before use.


Many guys who invest in a love doll are seeking more than just sex. You can make an occasion of your first time getting to know your companion. Put on some mood music, light some candles, dress her up.


Warming your doll is very important as it adds to the realism of the experience. You can place a warmed blanket over her and let it rest there for 20 minutes.

Once you’re ready to have fun with her and she’s all warmed up, you’ll need some lubricant.

This is very important:

Use water-based lubricant only.

Oil and silicone-based options for lube can cause damage to your doll over time. That’s the last thing you want after making the investment you’ve made.

Playtime and Positions

The options you’ll have for positioning your doll will depend on the type you chose. Realistic dolls allow you to do any sex position that you’d do with a real woman.

Doggy style is always a favorite since high quality dolls have extremely realistic butts. They jiggle, bounce, and feel super real when you use the doll from behind.

You can also place your doll in the spooning position or missionary if you prefer to make gentler love to her. Your sex doll has more than just orifices to please you.

You may want to kiss your doll in addition to fondling her luscious butt and breasts.

Many guys enjoy positioning their doll against the wall as they can stand there for as long as you want. Don’t be afraid to go wild with it; there’s no one judging you here.

A real girlfriend might get tired, but your sex doll exists for one reason: to please you.

Built-In vs. Removable Openings

Sex doll manufacturers have two options when it comes to the orifices on their dolls. One is a built-in hole, and the other is a removable orifice.

Each type comes with its own pros and cons, which we’ll explore next.

Built-in orifice dolls have a permanent, non-removable vagina. This makes the doll look more realistic. Users report that dolls with built-in orifices offer a more realistic, compact feel.

However, you sacrifice convenience for realism. Removable openings are much easier to clean and you get the advantage of swapping out openings if you wish to do so.

Doll Cleanup and After Care

Once you’ve had your fun with your doll, you’ve got a bit of work to do. You’ve made a significant investment to get your doll, and you’ll have to treat her right between uses, too.

As briefly mentioned above, a doll with removable openings will be far easier to keep clean. Just pop the canal out of the butt, mouth, or vagina and rinse it out with warm water.

You’ll want to use a manufacturer approved cleaner regularly to keep it properly sanitized. If your doll has a built-in orifice, however, cleaning is a bit more of an involved process.

You can use a douche or small bulb syringe to rinse her out. Begin with warm water and add water mixed with a gentle soap to sanitize.

And don’t forget to keep your doll’s skin clean. Wash her wig and clothes to protect the materials of the doll.